Fee paid at registration = Annual fee * Length of registration period + Storage deposit.

Annual fee

Account Character LengthPricePrice after filling in the invitee ( x0.95 )
5 chars and above$5/year$4.75/year
4 chars$160/year$152/year
3 chars$660/year$627/year
2 chars$1,024/year$972.8/year
1 chars--

Action Fee

ActionAction FeeMiner Fee
Edit RecordsFreeFree
Transfer OwnerFreeFree
Transfer ManagerFreeFree
Query RecordsFreeFree
Set .bit AliasFreeFree
Distribute SubDID1 CKB eachFree
Convert .bit to ETH NFTFreeDetermined in real-time by the ETH network

Storage Deposit

The storage fee corresponds to the space of on-chain storage required to store account information on Nervos CKB chain. .bit is carefully designed so that a fixed storage fee is pledged regardless of the number of records stored in the .bit account. The fixed storage fee is 206 CKB per account. If an account expires and is not renewed in time, the storage deposit will be returned to the account's owner address at the time of expiration.

Since .bit is a decentralized application running on Nervos CKB, it only recognizes CKB as a payment method for fees. Therefore, the .bit team maintains a CKB/USD price prediction machine service that allows the contract to know how much CKB should be charged when a user signs up, and allows users to pay in any cryptocurrency due to the presence of .bit registrars.