Integrating .bit into Frontend


dotbit.jsopen in new window is an npm package that wraps the JSON-RPC calls to the indexer.

Dapps only need to integrate this SDK and call the corresponding interfaces (data provided by .bit das-account-indexer) to obtain the required data.

Note that after obtaining the value of the data set by the user, the validity of its value should be verified.

dotbit.js documentationopen in new window


Using this SDK requires the JSON-RPC service provided by das-account-indexer.

We recommend that developers build their own .bit Indexer, but developers can use the official .bit Indexer service for development and testing during the development phase. For details, please refer to:

Official Indexer service

Usage example

// For ES Module
import { createInstance } from 'dotbit'
const dotbit = createInstance()

// Get the account info of a .bit account


      key: 'address.polygon',
      label: 'Usually',
      value: '0xB2bE2887A26f44555835EEaCC47d65B88b6B42c2',
      ttl: '300',
      type: 'address',
      subtype: 'polygon'
    key: 'profile.discord',
    label: 'Discord Username',
    value: 'west.bit#8906',
    ttl: '300',
    type: 'profile',
    subtype: 'discord'

Next steps