Backend Integration

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If developer need to integrate .bit in backend, then das-account-indexeropen in new window will be your best choice.

It continuously reads data from the CKB chain through the CKB node, parses it and stores it in the local database (RocksDB), and provides a high-performance JSON-RPC service for the business to read the .bit parsed data.

In the meantime, it is the backend service dotbit.js needed.

Deploying Indexer need a CKB Node,see CKB Node And CKB Indexer

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Usage Example

The following code takes getting basic user information as an example to illustrate the use of .bit Indexer.


curl -X POST -d'{"jsonrpc": "2.0","id": 1,"method": "das_accountInfo","params": [{"account":"phone.bit"}]}'


  "errno": 0,
  "errmsg": "",
  "data": {
    "out_point": {
      "tx_hash": "0xabb6b2f502e9d992d00737a260e6cde53ad3f402894b078f60a52e0392a17ec8",
      "index": 0
    "account_info": {
      "account": "phone.bit",
      "account_id_hex": "0x5f560ec1edc638d7dab7c7a1ca8c3b0f6ed1848b",
      "next_account_id_hex": "0x5f5c20  f6cd95388378771ca957ce665f084fe23b",
      "create_at_unix": 1626955542,
      "expired_at_unix": 1658491542,
      "status": 1,
      "das_lock_arg_hex": "0x0559724739940777947c56c4f2f2c9211cd5130fef0559724739940777947c56c4f2f2c9211cd5130fef",
      "owner_algorithm_id": 5, // 3: eth personal sign, 4: tron sign, 5: eip-712
      "owner_key": "0x59724739940777947c56c4f2f2c9211cd5130fef",
      "manager_algorithm_id": 5,
      "manager_key": "0x59724739940777947c56c4f2f2c9211cd5130fef"

Official Indexer Service

Considering the stability of the service and the personalized needs of the business, we suggest building you own Indexer service and follow up the official updates of .bit.(Yes! Decentralization!)

At the same time, however, the .bit team provided a public Indexer with rate-limit for developers to develop and debug.

Full Functional Indexer

This service can query all data. However, as always, we still recommend developers building their own Indexer.

This service can query all data, but as its domain name describes, it is not recommended that developers use this Indexer in production (yes! Decentralization!) .

Basic Functional Indexer

This service can only query basic account data and .bit Alias data. The specific interfaces are as follows:

  • das_serverInfo
  • das_reverseRecord
  • das_accountInfo
  • das_accountList
  • das_accountRecords

Rate Limit

Neither of the two public Indexers is currently rate-limited, so please use them on demand.

However, if the frequency exceeds the capacity of the service, the caller faces the possibility of blocked by IP.

Unifra Indexer Service

Unifraopen in new window is a professional Web3 Infrastructure Service Provider.

Unifra provides a high-performance and high reliability .bit indexer service for .bit community. If developers don't want to build their owner .bit Indexer, Unifra is your best choice, with which can save you tons of time.

Unifra .bit Indexer docsopen in new window

CKB Node and CKB Indexer

The data of .bit is stored on Nervos CKBopen in new window chain, so deploying your own .bit Indexer needs a corresponding CKB node and CKB Indexer.

Deploy Process

For details about the deployment mode, see the CKB official guide:

CKB Node Deployment Guideopen in new window
CKB Node JSON-RPC Protocolopen in new window
CKB Indexer Deployment Guideopen in new window
CKB Indexer JSON-RPC Protocolopen in new window

Usage Example

CKB Node


curl -X POST -H 'content-type:application/json' -d'{"id":42,"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"get_tip_header","params":[]}'


CKB Indexer


curl -X POST 7 -H 'content-type:application/json' -d'{"id":42,"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"get_tip"}'



Community Node

If you do not want to deploy your own CKB nodes or your application are in the testing stage, you can use the public nodes provided by the community (not recommended for long-term use) :

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