.bit Libraries

We provided different open-source libraries to meet different development scenarios. We also welcome the community to contribute more open source projects to flourish the entire .bit ecosystem.

After the branding upgrade, we upgraded the DAS branding to .bit, but to maintain forward compatibility, the open source library will remain the DAS brand for now.


dotbit.jsopen in new window

This is a JS SDK for resolving .bit account data.

das-ui-sharedopen in new window

This is a repository of several reusable common functions and UI components that can be used to build projects that are similar to the official .bit design style.


das-account-indexeropen in new window

das-databaseopen in new window

A block parser tool that allows extraction of various data types on .bit (register, edit, sell, transfer ...) from CKB chain.

das-libopen in new window

This repo is a base dependence for most tool in .bit. It includes but not limited to the following features:

  • Assembly transaction
  • Parse transaction
  • Sign transaction
  • Cache for query data on chain
  • Molecule SDK for .bit

das-registeropen in new window

Backend of .bit registration service. You can use this repo to build your own .bit registration website, just like https://app.did.id do.


das-contractsopen in new window

This repository is open source for DAS contracts which also called "type script" in CKB. They can only execute in ckb-vm environment which a pure software implementation of the RISC-V instruction set.

das-typesopen in new window

.bit choose Molecule as data serialization standard, this serialization system is maintaining by Nervos.

das-contract-reverseopen in new window

This repository contains the .bit Alias contracts deployed on EVM-compatible chain.

cell-data-generatoropen in new window

Generate all the cells that .bit need.